Women’s Association of Tigray (WAT) is a women membership based Civil Society Organization legally registered and operating within the legal framework of Ethiopia’s Proclamation of  Charities and society’s No. 621/2009. As per this proclamation the Association is categorized as an Ethiopian Society with the full privilege of working in development, mobilization and rights issues. Currently the Association has nearly 720,000 women members and over 20,000 Associate members., the Association is led by board of directors and have structure at regional, zonal, district and tabia Levels.  The lowest level of the structure is called the Women Development Group (WDG) which is formed by 25 – 30 women which is further divided into 1 to 5 network groups containing 5 members each, making WAT one of the strongest network organizations in the country reaching almost to each and every household in the region.


The association vision is to see a prosperous society where gender equality is ensured in its entirety.

Mission Statement

The mission of WAT is to undertake advocacy and developmental works through active and direct participation of women towards ascertaining all round women empowerment.

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